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Wild boar capers at Casalone!

We don’t have any fencing around the perimeter of our property, which is in keeping with the local custom, although increasingly fences are appearing. Wild animals are free to roam and we’ve seen many boar, deer, porcupine, hedgehogs and foxes around.

Well I say free to roam, but we’d prefer that the boar stay off the lawn between the house and the pool, so we do have an electric fence surrounding that area. It’s not unsightly, is removable and has acted as a good deterrent, at least that is until the day the wily boars found a route under the fence and into the garden. They had a field day ploughing up the lawn with their snouts looking for food.

They did quite a bit of damage but the gardeners did an amazing repair job. The lawn is once again looking splendid and the fence is hopefully now boar-resistant!

Video footage of the damage is below, with photos of the repair work.

Wild boar
I may look innocent!

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