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Building a dream pool

When we bought Casalone there was a lot of work to do on the house and grounds but a priority – of course! – had to be the installation of a pool to make the hot summer days more fun and cooling.

We had two big decisions to make. Firstly, where to put it and secondly, what to do with all the stone and earth that would be dug out.

Our preference was reuse everything on the property rather than have it carted off elsewhere, and everything did end up being kept on site.

We used the excavated stone to build and repair broken terraced walls and we still have a lot of stone left over for future use. There are several more breached terrace walls to repair one day.

All of the earth was moved into the area next to the house where the washing line is to create somewhere suitable for an “orto” (vegetable patch). Water pipes for irrigation are already in place and we look forward to cultivating our veg patch in the future. In the meantime, there is plenty of produce growing in the gardens and visitors are welcome to pick the fruits and nuts when they’re in season.

We’ve been super happy with the results of this fairly major construction project and pleased to see how much our guests enjoy it too. Our gardeners, who share our passion for Casalone, have done a tremendous job of making the pool area even more beautiful and relaxing, with plants and landscaping that enhance the environment and sense of well-being.

Pool at Casalone


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